Saturday, June 25, 2005

this is my version of an A-Class fantastical o'level essay paper titled, "Describe a memorable day in your life". The essay title setters really have no life!Describe a memorable day in your lifeI was out in town today and I saw so many JC students out and about.Saw cassandra see at taka and her hair and high heels and clothing is gorgeous, looks like a rich european tai tai. And she got surprised why people are all looking at her? She looks totally like that her on-screen character, that gambling princess in that series which influenced lots of people to become supernatural gamblers. Saw 2 guys in white uniforms buying wallets, boy are they super rich or something? Buying something so that they can use it to keep on buying something? haha sounds like me. They were smiling at the cashier and boy! what a smile that can blind my eyes! And you know why people associate angels as wearing only white clothing! sigh................I saw a guy who looks like Wilberrrr Pan on the bus so smiley boyish cute! cute! cute! cute! cute! And I saw right next to him and when he got off, I moved onto his seat and it was quite warm. And boy was it nice and warm hehehe If you would analyze where the heat on the seat comes from, it would seems quite disgusting or is it? hehehe I think I am getting crazy. If he sat on it and then I sat on it, it seems like something is being shared between us hehehe Then I saw this acjc guy who was window shopping alone and he looked quite sad and bored and I just looked at him and he looked at me for a few seconds! sigh... so doggy eyes I wished I could pet him or something... Saw that cute sales assistant at that super big spectacles shop, so cute boyish like that brainiest cute boyish scholar I mentioned in my previous blog post. I mean next time I will surely buy from him wan lor, other salespeople please step aside hor, I will only entertain cuties only hehe. The fountain show at night is spectaclar, the lights, lasers and waters and strange fog were moving with the rhythm of the pop music being played by the dj there, so romantic, you can even dedicate your songs.Woah! that acjc guy who got off at my bus stop has such beautiful bleached hair, caused by too much swimming of course, which in his school is totally legalised. He eyes were locked on me when he was walking towards the exit and he is just so cute boyish. sigh... Damn I need to move into a new condo asap! What an eventful and memorable CCA wednesday. Life is so wonderful...sigh..........
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